Good Luck Charms in Japan #2








In previous story, I introduced talimans/ amulet and today I want to show you Daruma doll.





Daruma Doll (だるま)



It is originally made to symbolize an indian monk (Dharma) who went to China and founded zen buddhism in 5-6th century.


People in China started making a doll to respect him and at the same time, his religion became popular in Japan.









  These ones still remain an image of the monk!







  Later on, these two phenomena got together and it’s formed as the Daruma doll you see today in Japan.







How did it become globally famous?



Who made the biggest impact on popularity of the doll recently is probably Taiwanese politicians. The candidates started using it in their political campaign as a lucky charm for winning and the doll appeared on TV many times and people started getting interested ” hey, what’s that thing !?”










  OK, now why Daruma is a lucky thing?




  The secret is its round shape of the doll.

  When you tumble it, it naturally comes back up just like the image below.






  We call its phenomenon as ” Tumble 7times, Get up 8 times (Nanakorobi Yaoki)” so it is a metaphor as ” Life is full of ups and downs you will end up with a positive side” … that’s why Daruma doll is a Good Luck Charm for all who wants to succeed in life.



  Not only Taiwanese politicians, also tourists from all over the world love to visit Takasaki (famous place for producing Daruma dolls) and buy tons of them.












There are many different variations and different themes just like talimans that I introduced in previous story.


For example the last one in white color with the words “合格”, it is for someone who wants to bring more happiness or success to your life (such as promotion or acceptance to your wishing school). 






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