Good Luck Charms in Japan #1







There are many kinds of products in Japan and probably artisan product (cooking knife and tableware) and hi-tech products are well-known globally.


That is true and you’re right about it but there are different kind of products that you might not know and you might love.


In Japan, there are several religions such as Buddhism, Shinto and so on but I celebrate holidays from each religion, not all but many. 

(If you want to know more about uniqueness of Japanese religions, please read this







Anyways, since we have mixed religion culture, it became down into a daily life, more familiar and more friendly. (personally I call it “daily life religion” ) which we believe anything that make us feel deep, happy and thoughtful about life.


Good Luck Charm is one of the byproducts which came from this unique culture and a good thing about this is it’s a real product that you can keep by your side all and feel the happiness from it.

Now let’s go through some charms.





Talimans / Amulet  (お守り Omamori)


People buy talismans or amulets called “omamori” to wish for wellbeing or success.


During an era that medical care and drugs are not developed,  it is originally made with a purpose of protecting their own mind and body from danger and various critical calamity.

From the plague, hand mirror, dagger-precious stones, those were to have a magical power as except demon bring misfortune such as it is said to be originated in that he had worn.


Another origin as expert says is that people used to wish to have something similar of belongings of mighty figures such as God and a hero and they made a small item that they can carry around in their clothes.




Interesting thing is, this kind of superstitions or unscientific belief can actually change human behavior. It is that the birth of the “positive effects”, “to contribute to the goals.”


Such a positive result is probably due to both the “placebo effect” and “control illusion”. Stimulate specific parts of the brain, we tend to correspond to the changing circumstances of the unexpected and it turns into a positive thing.






Back to the topic, you cannot buy talisman on internet as it’s only available on local shrine, temple or historical places in Japan.


Themes of charm is almost the same everywhere (luck for health, money, reaching goal and so on) but the designs are very varied everywhere.



If you have a chance to visit there, you better check it as it’s fun!



This shrine is mainly for good match prayer for a new couple.





Within the shrine, this is where you can buy.





Modern designed





Even for the bike riders.







This is a book called “Goshuincho” and you bring it to all the shrine and temple and ask them to write down their names with seals (each one has different style of writing). There are many collectors in Japan.





Next one is Daruma Doll !





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